What parents have to say about Anna Casey:

"Anna Casey's emotional IQ is off the charts. Her ability to read the needs of both the parent and child allow her to gently guide the family toward positive outcomes.  Her wisdom comes from being a parent, a teacher and a scholar -- and our family has definitely seen huge benefits because of her."

V. M.

"Anna is incredibly knowledgeable regarding child development!  When I had a question about my daughter, a truly complex one, Anna was one of the first people I called. She gave me excellent perspective-so wise and so approachable! Her experience, thoughtfulness, and analytical skills were a true asset, helping us problem-solve and create an action plan.  She is truly one-of-a-kind!"

B. K.

"I sought Anna's services when we needed to begin the exploration for colleges. My child has dyslexia and a high IQ but her grades were indicative of her learning disability. Anna walked me and my husband through a series of steps in terms of what to expect and how best to support and encourage our daughter. Much of the advice she gave us was quite literally not available elsewhere."

T. R.

"Anna Casey has been a tremendous help for me over the past five years. She has the gift of truly listening, of sorting through thoughts and clarifying issues. Anna’s gentle guidance and insight has been a valuable resource for my family."

R. P.

"My husband and son are so much alike that I could see my husband taking my son's misbehavior too personally and overall reacting irrationally in what most would consider normal development for a teenager. Anna helped me understand the developmental stages of my son and gave me pointers on how best to approach my husband so we could more effectively parent our son. We now have many more skills to deal with these tough family situations than ever before. Thank you Anna!"

M. M.

"When faced with both big and little decisions, Anna provides such sound perspective and insight. Her calming disposition, paired with her 30 years of experience as an educator and role as a parent, provides families with a high level of trust and comfort in her presence.  She's talented, smart, compassionate and experienced. I appreciate all that she's given me and my family."

F. T.

"We struggled with how to place parameters around our son's social media habits--it became a huge family struggle. My son has ADHD and while social media and electronic gadgetry offers some level of release for him, it was interrupting his ability to do homework and engage with the family. Anna helped us understand our son's perspective and guided us with supportive discipline that invited our son's participation--he became part of the solution. We were at our wits end and Anna's advice gave us the perspective and guidance we needed."

T. N.

"Anna's calm demeanor made us feel immediately comfortable asking questions.  When we felt unclear as to which direction to trek first, Anna offered sound, reassuring advice.  We appreciate Anna's diverse perspective.  Not only is she able to positively unite in conversations with parents, teachers, and administrators, but she also has a wealth of understanding of national educational policy and trends. This knowledge and understanding is why we greatly value Anna's counsel."

K. W.

I can't recommend Anna Casey highly enough. Our family has faced many of the challenges and joys of parenting with our two kids. We don't have family close by, so being able to rely on Anna and her steady guidance has been invaluable. Her patience and deep knowledge of children and parenting provide reassuring counsel through it all and help us navigate even our biggest challenges.

W. D.