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Part 2: Four Things to Know About Kindergarten Readiness--And They're Not the ABCs!

You are not alone if you’re wondering whether your child is really ready for kindergarten. As parents, we want the best for our rising kindergartners but aren’t always sure how to make that happen. Fortunately, there are manageable, and even fun, ways to support your child’s successful transition to kindergarten this summer.

This is the second in my four-part series of simple things you can do this summer to help ensure the success of your child’s transition to kindergarten.

Number Sense and Problem Solving Skills

for Your Budding Mathematician

The ability to count is often mistaken for an understanding of early mathematical concepts, but the ability to understand number, magnitude and relationships between numbers, called number sense, goes well beyond counting and is vital to your child’s mathematical development. Playing games and working puzzles are great ways to introduce your child to important math and kindergarten readiness skills.

• Play Games

Games offer children the opportunity to take turns, cope with age-appropriate disappointments and develop essential early math concepts. Traditional board games and card games develop vital kindergarten mathematical skills such as:

  • instant recognition of value (looking at the die and instantly knowing that four dots is always equal to four, eventually not even needing to count to four)

  • one-to-one correspondence (matching one space on the board as the child counts “one”)

  • the law of conservation (the notion that three is always equal to three)

  • numeral recognition (looking at the numeral five and knowing that it is a five)

Try these age-appropriate, fun games that develop important kindergarten skills:

  • dominoes

  • Hi Ho Cherry-O

  • Chutes & Ladders

  • Uno

  • Rat-a-Tat Cat

  • Snail’s Pace Race

• Problem Solve with Logic Games

Age appropriate jigsaw puzzles and logic games present future kindergartners with the opportunity to think through challenges, develop strategies for solving them, and modify their thinking when their first attempt at a solution doesn’t yield results. These skills apply well to math, and also support learning and life in a myriad of ways. Try these fun, age-appropriate puzzles and games:

  • Floor puzzles

  • Jigsaw puzzles of up to 50 pieces

  • Rush Hour Jr.

  • Guess Who

  • Connect Four

  • Memory

  • Checkers

  • Gobblet Jr.

  • Go Fish

Playing your child’s favorite games not only gives you the opportunity to enjoy spending time together, it provides fun and relaxing ways to build essential kindergarten readiness skills.

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